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Airplayer was founded by Rob Lynch, an experienced radio plugger who previously worked at Anglo Plugging. Having been at Anglo for 7 years, the itch got too great and Rob decided to set up his own radio plugging company and started up Airplayer in October 2006. In April 2007, Nick Alsey joined Airplayer to assist Rob in plugging and the day to day running of the business.

Airplayer covers national and London-based radio stations and provides a radio plugging service to a wide range of clients, from unsigned bands to major record companies. Although the Airplayer roster includes many of the top guitar bands, the basic motto is 'if we like it, we'll plug it' regardless of genre or status. From working with big, established bands and co-ordinating their radio campaigns to getting a new band their first play on radio and helping them get off the ground, Airplayer's main goal is exactly what you would imagine...get airplay!

Rob Lynch  voted number 63 in The Guardian newspaper’s ‘Music Power 100’ (100 most influential people in the music industry). * Read more

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